◊◊Surface irrigation (row) is the most common irrigation systems in the world. In this way, irrigation efficiency is estimated to be about 35 to 40 percent.

Using some innovations such as precise leveling and application of gated pipes instead of earthen canals and ditches within the farm,irrigation efficiency increased to about 65 to 70%

◊◊• Hydrofix tube is resistant to UV rays in tropical and cold.
•|In various Crop products, Hydrofix irrigation system  is usability.
• Hydrofix in an irrigation pipe in place and is usually used 2 to 3 seasons. This tube is folded and stored in the warehouse.
• Irrigation systems Hydrofix is cheap, simple and efficient. In this way, only by opening and closing valves, irrigation with higher efficiency and lower cost is possible

◊◊•Hydrofix gated pipes prevent from water lost . and prevent from deep penetration to dirt and surface evaporation.

• In this way  irrigation management more accurate and uniform is done.
•In Hydrofix irrigation systems, add fertilizers  (such as urea) to the network is easy. Obviously, fertilizer use efficiency in irrigation application method will be substantially increased.
• Hydrofix gated pipes in salt water and mud and salts and chemicals used in the water, will be not adverse effects and the accumulation of sediment in the pipes .